RAW Retouching Class Session

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Retouching a RAW capture as much as possible before finishing the photograph in Photoshop is a best practice. RAW files contain all of the data that the camera was able to record of a scene, without a gamma curve imposed. In other words the RAW photo is pure, unaltered image info along with a color look up table (LUT) telling the RAW processor what color each pixel is on the sensor. Edits in Camera Raw are non-destructive. They provide the highest quality image to hand off to Photoshop. For instance it is much better to darken a sky of a RAW file in Camera Raw than it is to  the Camera Raw Filter on pixels in Photoshop.

Great Point, LighthouseCompare the exact same settings in Camera Raw on a RAW capture (left) to them rendered with the Camera Raw Filter on pixels (right.) Pixels, even in 16 bit, can’t match the quality…

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Long exposure has interested me since I seen the first one. Now there’s is so many opportunities to capture my own and I see it even more of an amazing learning experience. Shot above Autobahn A6 in the Bruchmühlbach-Miesau area.



TexterManGunsan South Korea.
Today you can always find someone lost in their phone or mobile device. Although it has made plenty of things easier it has also disconnected us from good ol fashioned face to face communication. Some people even get pissed if you disrupt them, I grab what I can from these moments also.